A New Direction

Great excitement in the studio today as my first attempt at relief printing develops. For decades I've loved the work of printmakers, masters like Colin See-Paynton being amongst my favourite artists. It offers a completely different mode of expression from the oils, with it being impossible to echo the realistic style that I've developed over years. I do love realism, but also love the more graphic, stylistic and sometimes caricatured way that printmakers interpret the natural world. So far the cutting part feels very comfortable, with years of hand/ eye coordination honed by the painting. What I can already see as the heart of the process, and a difficult skill to master, is what to cut and what to leave, which will determine the white/ black tones of the final print...



Canadapost Endangered Whale Stamps

Last year I spent a lot of my time working on the artwork for a series of endangered whale stamps commissioned by Canada Post. The species covered where Orca, Bottlenosed Whale, Blue Whale, Northern Right Whale and Beluga. I'm so pleased with the results!



New for 2020 - T Shirts!



Our new range of T Shirts has now landed. At the moment we only have a small selection of 20 designs on our site but if the response is good we may expand the range. Our Tees are produced by Teemill, a UK based Company with first-class credentials. Their t-shirts are made with 100% Organic Cotton from sustainable free-trade suppliers and we are happy to follow the lead of The Marine Conservation Society, The RSPB and World Wildlife Fund (amongst many others) in offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products to our customers.
Check out our dedicated website at:






20 Years of David Miller Art on-line!

Although we've been in business for over 30 years now David Miller Art is celebrating another landmark as our online gallery has its 20th Birthday this year.

The website has changed considerably during those years. Launched in the summer of 2000 our first site was little more than a basic on-line gallery but even then we managed to sell quite a few originals. More importantly, it gave us the confidence to invest Lisa's time and effort in building bigger and better.



So now to 2020 and after various software packages we have decided to move to the Shopify platform. This means that our split sites, David Miller Art and Wildlife Art Prints, are now back under the same banner of David Miller Art. Shopify is optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone and because it's a web based platform it is constantly up to date. 


At the moment the site is relatively sparse but we do plan on adding a blog and a  Newsletter (subscription based) as well as a page dedicated to my underwater adventures!