David Miller

Wildlife artist David Miller is best known for his stunning underwater paintings of game, coarse and marine fish, having had his work featured on the UK rod licence and a specially commissioned set of Royal Mail stamps.

He has also appeared on BBC Autumnwatch, Iolo’s Great Welsh Parks and The One Show.

News and Events

10th -11th February- British Fly Fair International, Staffordshire.

17th-219h August - British Birdwatching Fair, Rutland.


3rd -4th November- European Sportsfishing Show, UWT Bristol Exhibition Centre.

Contact David

Landline: 01646 682907

Mobile: 07900825404

Mail: david@davidmillerart.co.uk


David Miller Art

Fish, birds, wildlife and landscapes by artist David Miller


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Commissioning a Painting

If you would like a unique piece of artwork to remind you of a special experience or as a gift for someone then why not commission an original oil painting , oil or pencil sketch? Prices start at £250 for an A4 framed pencil sketch, £400 for a mixed media study, £500 for an oil study or £1650 for a more detailed oil.

Perhaps you would like your own trophy or personal best fish to feature in one of my underwater paintings along with the fly, lure or bait it was captured on or would like something similar to a painting I have already sold. Whatever your requirements give me a ring and we can discuss your ideas. I regret that I do not undertake any commissions of domestic animals or human portraits (with or without fish!)

Please contact my wife Lisa at: lisa@thepaintedhorse.co.uk  if this is what you require.

At the moment my original paintings are much in demand and I often sell them before they are finished.  If you would like one of my original paintings, commissioning one is probably your best option .


Bespoke Commissions

First Steps

If you’ve decided that you would like to commission a painting please bear a

few points in mind:

1) Design - do you have any specific ideas and are they in keeping with the work that I already produce.

2) Dimensions - does the painting need to fit a particular space?

3) Budget

4) Time Scale - A painting can take from a week to a couple of months to complete depending on the size and complexity of the piece and on what other work I have on the easel. If the painting is a gift and needs to be ready for a certain date, please contact me as early as possible to make sure I can complete and frame it in good time.

This bespoke painting was based upon the clients personal best catch. Both the fly that this magnificent salmon was taken on and the clients celebratory whiskey were included in the piece!

The price for a piece of commissioned work is dependent on the following:

1) The amount of preparatory fieldwork and research  required.

2) The complexity of the design.

3) Whether it is an oil ‘sketch’ or a more finished work.

4) The required completion date.

5) Any extra expenses that may be incurred (e.g. the purchase of particular flies or lures)

For a more comprehensive guide follow this link: PRICE LIST


The Artist & The Client

Clients are usually very exited about commissioning a painting but it is equally important that the artist is happy and positive about the arrangements. Not only do I need to be inspired by the painting but I need to be confident that I can do a good enough job not only to please the client but also to meet my own professional standards. My reputation as an artist is built upon my own personal methods of working and it’s essential that I feel comfortable with the subjects I paint,  therefore I reserve the right to make the final decision on the design. The painting I produce can never be exactly the same as the image you may have visualised but I will always do my very best to produce something that comes very near to it.

Next Steps

Once a commission has been accepted and if the subject matter is not too specialist I will complete the painting and show it to the client for approval.  If a direct viewing cannot be arranged due to time constraints or distance a  high resolution image will be emailed to the client. At  no stage you are under any obligation to buy if the painting does not fulfil your requirements.

If the commission is very large and/or of a more specialist or personal subject then a non-refundable deposit would be required before work can begin. This would usually be 10% of the agreed price. Staged  progressed payments may be required for high value commissions.


This is a question that does arise from time to time and some clients believe that because they own a particular painting then they also own the copyright on that painting. However, in accordance with UK copyright law, unless a separate agreement is arranged, all reproduction rights and copyrights remain with the artist. This includes not only the finished painting but all preliminary sketches and / or oil studies carried out during the commission stages.